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Strategic Consulting

Here are my web development and design prices and services.

Steve Mulholland Web Design

What is Web Design?

I treat web design as much more than just the colors and layout of your website. Aesthetics are very important, especially when trying to establish a brand, but there is so much more that goes into web design. A solid, top-to-bottom web design strategy takes into consideration everything that your website will need to be optimized for, in order for it to be profitable. This includes how your visitors interact with different elements the speed and security of your site, how the data is displayed on Google search results as well as many others. My strategy relies on real-time visitor data and AI to analyze what your web design needs to help you convert visitors into satisfied customers.

Web Development


Choosing the right platform for your website is the first and most important step to the long term success to your online presence. With so many options to choose from, you need someone with the experience to put you in a position to thrive. I started my career as a simple web developer and built my first website in 1997 when I was 16 years old. Let me use my over 20 years of web development experience for you.

User Experience Design


Even if you already have a website, chances are it can be improved by harnessing user experience analytics. Having a nice looking website is very important and it takes the right kind of approach to properly mix beauty and functionality. I will equip your website with a variety of tools to see how effectively your current user experience is working and perform A/B testing when it comes time to implement a modified design all while keeping to design and branding intact.

Information Arcitechture


If you want to stand out from 99% of every other business, you're going to need a lot more than just a beautiful website. With a few hour information architecture consultation, I will put together a comprehensive plan for your technology assets to work at their optimal efficiency. This covers on and off-site assets such as web servers, file share servers, databases, firewalls, and much more. Your websites and data will be secure, they will be able to handle high usage times and make sure everyone in the world can use your site as it was intended all while maintaining your budget.