If you're looking to make a little extra money on the side, and maybe even start your own successful business, don't believe the hype: SEO is not dead! New businesses are opening up around you all the time and almost all of them have a website. But are they using it right? In most cases the answer is a resounding "no". A business' main goal is to make money and in order to make money, they need customers. A good website should attract new customers and help returning customers find what they need quickly. But without some basic seo customers will never find that site. That's where you come in.


Whether the business is new or old, chances are they want more customers. I've worked with hundreds of small businesses and as far as I remember, none of them ever said they don't want more customers. If you can bring them more customers with very basic seo they will pay you very well. The problem in today's seo market, there are a lot of empty promises and many businesses don't want to spend their limited funds on something that might not work out. So how do you as someone with even basic seo knowledge get yourself some customers? Its easier than you think.


If you want to target local businesses, for instance a local interior designer, head over to GoDaddy and buy a new domain and hosting plan. Once you've got a domain and a hosting plan, you will need to do a little research on the competition!


Do a Google search for interior designers in your city. Find out which companies are ranking the highest for in your city and review their websites. You will want to check on the number of blogs and/or pages each of the highest rankings site have. After you've done a bit of sleuthing, you can start the real work: writing blog posts.


You are aiming for about 30 blogs in 30 days. Its not the easiest thing to do when you first start, especially if you're not used to writing too much. But you can do it. The sweet spot for ranking on Google is about 1600 words with a keyword density ratio between 1.5% and 2.5%. [If you need help counting words and measuring the keyword density, I've got a free, easy-to-use tool on my website called The Handy Little Blog Helper Tool.] You already know what keywords you want to rank for. In this case, interior designer (your city). I live in Ventura, CA so I would want to rank for interior designer Ventura or Ventura interior designer. This is basic seo at its core. But I'm sure you're asking "so how do I make money using basic seo?"


Think about this: if you have a website about interior design and you are getting a few hundred visitors to your website a month, you can approach some of those companies you did research on in the beginning and show them your numbers. If your website can bring that company an extra $3000 or more per month, they will gladly pay you a monthly fee of $1200 at least. And once you have one site up and running, you can go after another market the next month. If you can get ten sites in that manner, you can be bringing in $12,000 in passive income. All you need is a domain, a blog and basic seo knowledge.


This website is part of a twenty-one part series collectively known as The Basic SEO Experiment. Check it out for more great content!




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