With all the free and cheap tools out there, almost anyone with a computer, a website and some basic seo knowledge can bring in massive amounts of traffic and start building a customer base. I wanted to go over my top ten list of seo tools so far in 2019.

1. Google Search Console - This is by far my most used seo tool. Using Google Search Console lets you see your site the same way Google's web crawlers see it. Google is the #1 search engine by a long shot and if you are serious about finding new customers through your website, you need to learn to play by Google's rules.

2. Page Speed Insights - Another nice seo tool from Google that tells you how fast your visitors can load your website. It also differentiates between desktop and mobile browsers. And it even tells you what you can do to increase your sites performance.

3. UberSuggest - If you need ideas for content, this seo tool is exactly what you need. You can enter in some keywords and Ubersuggest will tell you how many other sites are trying to rank for the same words. This is great when you're trying to get a leg up in a competitive market.

4. HotJar - A great way to increase your search engine rankings is by understanding how your current visitors are using your site. HotJar lets you see how your visitors are using your site. You can find out what's causing them to leave and then adjust your design to accomidate.

5. Google Analytics - This seo tool can be a little more difficult to use than the others on this list, but it does have some useful features including which pages people are visiting the most, what time of the day your visitors on the site and even where the visitors are coming from.

6. Wave - This simple yet powerful seo too checks your website's layout and design for handicapped accessibility and offers you suggestions on how to fix any issues your site has. Accessibility is going to play a bigger part of seo rankings in the future.

7. SEO Site Checkup - This seo tool checks your site for possible problems in a deeper way than Google Search Console does. It also offers suggestions on how to fix them.

8. SEM Rush - SEM Rush has a number of useful tools from detailed error reports to social media post scheduler. Not all of their services are free

9. Hexometer - This is an seo tool that I recently discovered but I think it has potential to be something etremely useful. It analyzes your content and arcitecture and gives you a report based on trends in today's user experience requirements.

10. The Handly Little Blog Helper Tool - This is a bit of a shameless plug for a tool I created to help me write these blogs. It's completely free and very easy to use. You just enter a keyword or phrase and start writing your blog post. The tool will count the number of words you've written as well give you your keyword density, both of which are very important pieces of information in order to maximize the basic seo of your content.

And that's the list. If you are looking for more information on basic seo, this blog post is part of a series of posts I am working on for the site called The Basic SEO Experiment and I invite you to read more about it here

If you want to see even more SEO tools, look at this far more comprehensive list by Brain Dean at Backlinko.




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